organic approach

A philosophy

Since 2010 our vintages is officially certified Agriculture Biologique (organic agriculture). The AB label is the recognition of methods that have been practiced here from the very start, and we are proud of this.

grappe de raisin noir

We believe in quality over quantity.

"At Château des Estanilles we make unique wines with a well-defined sense of place… these are wines made without chemicals, with minimal use of sulphur and a total mastery of the winemaking process. This approach implies a scrupulous respect for the ecosystem, and for our health."

Respect for nature

Respecting this exceptional terroir is our number one priority. From the very beginning, Château des Estanilles has never used weed killer or chemical fertilizers, just traditional ploughing and organic enrichments. We use caterpillartrack tractors, which spread the load better and thus avoid soil compaction; to limit erosion we grow natural ground cover, which also enhances the life of our soil (insects, worms and nematodes).

Fourmi portant un épi de blé

Respect of the primary ingredient

We also have the greatest respect for our primary ingredient: good wine is made in the vineyard, but also during the harvest. We hand-pick our grapes and take the greatest care to ensure they are not crushed during transportation. It is this respect for the earth which gives the grapes their unique, authentic taste.