Looking ahead

And tomorrow...

Nurturing a style and an identity.

"Les Estanilles, naturally Faugères"

The vineyard has never been treated with a single drop of weed killer or chemical fertilizer. Repeated ploughing keeps the soil full of life and encourages the vines to send their roots down deep. To limit soil compaction we use caterpillar-track tractors; they are the only kind that can reach the summit of the famous “Clos du Fou”, the mythical, south-facing plot of Syrah planted on a deep schist hillside.

We are following in the footsteps of our predecessor with singular determination and the philosophy that has always prevailed at Château des Estanilles.

"We want to prove that Faugères is the finest terroir in Languedoc, on a par with Bordeaux or Burgundy."

Investment is planned in the winery and vineyard, and the existing structure will be enlarged. We will be taking a plot-by-plot approach, introducing in-depth analysis of grape maturity and smaller tanks. Demi-muids will be put into the barrel chai. The aim of this investment is to obtain ever-fresher, prime fruit, and even softer, more elegant tannins, while enhancing extraction and mastering the oak-ageing process. We are investing in our vines and winery because we want to handle our grapes with respect and a lightness of touch, to make wines to lay down, without compromising the elegance of their fruit. Our 2010 vintage will be the first to carry the AB (Agriculture Biologique – organic agriculture) label.

Opening up new horizons

In 2010 we will be showing at international trade fairs including VINISUD, PROWEIN (Düsseldorf) and EXPOVINIS BRASIL (Sao Paulo). It is key for Faugères wines to continue  their progress overseas, and for Château des  Estanilles’ cuvées to conquer new territory (the export market accounts for around 35% of our sales, in terms of volume).  The new graphic identity of our range, combined with our wines’ outstanding quality and generosity, should stand us in good stead.

The future of Estanilles

Our children will grow up here, in this bright, sun-drenched region. My family is essential to me, giving me the courage I need to succeed in this endeavour. An elderly winemaker-friend once said to me: "A vine that forgets its roots cannot bear fine fruit." My roots are firmly planted in the love and encouragement of my family ; I trust that this will be expressed in our wines.