Our terroir

Faugères Appellation

The Estanilles vineyards stretch across the hills of the Faugères appellation

Its borders are marked by its homogenous schist terroir and which is thus limited to 2,000 hectares of vines. It is a small appellation, but famous for the quality of its wines.

One of the particular features of our terroir is its location, far from urban zones, and the density of sandstone schist. These grey, blue, yellow and ochre schists come from marine deposits.

moulinThe Château des Estanilles sits on some of the world’s most ancient soils, which experienced extreme crushing some 500 million years ago. Their aridity forces the vines to dig deep for water, plunging their roots way down into the earth, which makes them less susceptible to hydric stress in the dry season.

The environment is unspoiled and open to the coastal and northerly winds, which provides some respite from heat when the grapes are ripening, and this helps ensure the fresh notes and aromas of our wines. The composition of the soil is also an advantage.

The high percentage of schist enhances the refreshing qualities detectable on the palate, and gives the wines considerable ageing potential.This freshness serves to counter-balance a trait specific to schist soil, which absorbs heat in the day and then gently releases it again at night.

Vignoble des estanilles

Hence the local saying: "in Faugères, our grapes also ripen at night!"

Another attribute of our appellation is its poor, well-draining soil, which keeps yields to a minimum - essential for the production of quality wine. At Château des Estanilles, yields are voluntarily limited to 35 hl/ha, to concentrate aromas. Finally, the acid soil makes for wines with contrastingly low acidity. With plenty of ripe fruit and spice, they are a pleasure to drink, and their PH level guarantees finesse and longevity. All these elements play a part in preserving the essential freshness on the nose and palate which defines the wines of Château des Estanilles.