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Precision, rigour and sensitivity

After the careful sorting process, the crucial wine making process begins. During this stage, precision, excellence and sensitivity are at the service of the raw material.Chateau Estanilles wine cellar stainless steel tank grand vin organic wine languedoc AOP faugères

Alcoholic fermentation

Chateau Estanilles oak barrel fermentation grand vin organic wine languedoc AOP faugèresEach plot and each variety are vinified separately and directed to their vat, all thermoregulated, which was chosen according to the surface of the harvested plot. The largest tank does not exceed 110 HL while the smallest is 5 HL. Once the «encuvage» is finished The alcoholic fermentation is triggered from the first day under the action of yeasts. When the cap (the marc) is raised under the action of carbon dioxide during the alcoholic fermentation, twice a day, a part of the juice is raised in order to homogenize the vat, to bring oxygen to the yeasts and to extract the aromas of the berries. These reassemblies are made only in aqueous phase with softness and delicacy in order to preserve tannins of quality tannins. We take care to "wet" the whole marc hat. The frequency of this operation decreases over the days. It is interrupted when the desired density of the mout is reached; it is measured once a day using an aerometer. The other parameters are controlled at the tasting every morning by tasting each of the vats.

The vinification temperature takes place at low temperature during the vinification. When the tank is “dry” (more sugar and therefore fermentation is complete), we heat the tank between 28 and 30° to extract the polysaccharides. This post-fermentation phase helps the tannic structure to soften, to become more silky; the juice is refined, coats.

The decuvage

The next step is the peeling. During this phase we separate I juice drop from the press juice. The press juice being obtained by pressing the marc. The press and drop juices are then housed in other vats.

Malolactic fermentation

The malolactic fermentation is carried out in vats, at a temperature of 20°. This natural process transforms the malic acids into lactic acids; this makes it possible to soften the feeling of acidity and stabilize the wine. At the end of this fermentation, the tank is removed to be cleaned or in other words to remove the lees. We then add SO2 to keep the varietal aromas intact, clean the environment and avoid oxidation. Only the strict minimum of inputs is used by the Château during the vinification process; it must remain as clean as possible.

Chateau Estanilles oak barrel tasting tank grand vin organic wine languedoc AOP faugèresThe entonnage

After the malolactic fermentations are completed, the entonnage is followed. This process consists of putting the wine in barrels.

As at the vinification, we raise each plot separately in containers, casks, half-muids and barrels exclusively of French oak from the Allier, Tronçais or Bercé of the highest quality possible. Each barrel must help the wine to express itself, while respecting its structure; it must not mask its aroma, but sublimate it.
Depending on the age of the vine, we adapt the container according to the needs of each plot and its organoleptic qualities. All these containers are then scrupulously marked and are tasted every month.

The racking

At the end of spring, we will extract each barrel with an inert gas (nitrogen) which allows us to push the wine out of the barrel, avoiding any oxidation. No filters or pumps are used during this transfer from drum to drum, so as not to disturb the balance of the wine. A possible second racking is carried out, after degustation, if the wine needs oxygen.

The Blending

Chateau Estanilles blend tasting blending tank grand vin organic wine languedoc AOP faugères

Each container is scrupulously tasted and noted several times and over several days. True work of expertise and precision, the assembly represents a particularly demanding, intense stage, marked by inspiration and concentration, but also by doubt and uncertainty. Each member of the team keeps in mind the exact proportions of assemblages from past years. Concentration and precision are pushed to the extreme during this decisive phase.

Chateau Estanilles aging cellar oak barrel oak vats grand vin organic wine languedoc AOP faugères

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